Cotton Calico

Cotton Calico is a versatile, cost-effective fabric known for its simplicity and plain weave. It has extensive applications across various industries, including garment manufacturing, crafts, furniture production, general packaging, and storage. Its unfinished and natural undyed appearance makes it particularly economical for non-permanent uses as well as for crafting and manufacturing purposes.

Cotton Herringbone Twill is a heavier weight fabric with a distinctive herringbone weave.  It is most often used in garment and furniture manufacturing.

Polesy offers a diverse range of 100% Cotton Calico and Herringbone Twill, available in different weights and widths, offered in natural unbleached finish and three colours. Our rolls lengths range from 50m to 100m, catering to a wide range of needs and preferences.

WidthWeaveWeightRoll LengthColour
91cm (36”)60×60130gsm100mUnbleached (Natural)
122cm (48”)60×60130gsm100mUnbleached (Natural)
137cm (54”)60×60130gsm100mUnbleached (Natural), Black, Brown
160cm (63”)60×60130gsm100mUnbleached (Natural)
244cm (96”)60×60130gsm50mUnbleached (Natural), Bleached (White)
WidthWeaveWeightRoll LengthColour
137cm (54”)88×60/21×21165gsm100mUnbleached (Natural), Black, Brown
183cm (72”)52×52/10×10265gsm50m       Unbleached (Natural)