Manufacturing & Mining

Polesy offers a wide range of packaging options for use in chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, industrial manufacturing, and mining. 

For chemical manufacturing we understand that the safe packing, storage, and transport of chemicals is paramount. We have packaging from 15kg to 1500kg that minimises risk of contamination using coatings, lamination, multiple layers, and liners, or a combination of these options.

For industrial manufacturing we offer a range of Poly Woven Bags, Multiwall Paper Sacks and Bulk Bags to suit your requirements.

All Polesy’s Bulk Bags are manufactured and tested to AS 3668:2019 FIBCs – Non-dangerous goods, the toughest Bulk Bag Standard in the world, and we can supply UNDG Bulk Bags for dangerous goods.

Our national team of experienced Account Managers have the product knowledge and industry understanding to help you to choose the best packaging for your needs – to optimise your operations, protect your products in transport and storage, and represent your brand to your markets through high impact printing design that will make your product stand out.

Below are the industries we support, and links to the quality products we offer:

Chemical Manufacturing:

Pharmaceutical packaging is manufactured in Food Grade facilities on certified Food Grade production lines.

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Mineral Salt
  • Cleaning Products

Industrial Manufacturing:

Polesy produces specialist Bulk Bags for Steel, and an extensive range of Multiwall Paper Sacks for Cement, Plaster, Render and other industrial powder products.

  • Steel
  • Cement, Plaster & Render
  • Plastics
  • Rubber
  • Timber Milling

Mining & Quarrying:

  • Minerals including, but not limited to, Bentonite, Dolomite, Gypsum, Lime, and Zeolites
  • Sand
  • Tailing

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