Natural Fabrics

Polesy offers a diverse selection of Calico, Hessian and Jute Cloths and Jute Webbings tailored for industrial and commercial applications.

Hessian, characterized by its densely woven plain weave cloth, serves as an ideal material for various uses.  The difference between Hessian and Jute lies in the quality of the cloth, primarily in fineness; Hessian is made of finer grade Jute, while Jute is of a coarser grade. Hessian exhibits exceptional breathability, resists condensation, and withstands rough handling, ensuring durability.

These properties make Hessian and Jute cloth suitable for temporary wet protection, wet curing covering in the concrete industry, construction screening, stabilisation and erosion control in the horticulture industry, and wrapping of plant material. They are also utilised for commodities packaging, wrapping materials for agricultural products, as well as in the upholstery and canvas industries.

Our Calico Cloths are 100% Cotton; Calico Cloth has many uses including in the garment industry, crafts, furniture, general packaging, and storage.

Polesy offers a variety of widths, weights and colours in Calico and Hessian Cloths and various types and sizes of Jute Webbing to meet specific requirements.