Civil, Construction & Landscaping

Polesy offers a diverse range of products for a wide variety of uses in civil engineering, building, construction, and landscaping. 

General packaging for sand, soil, and other building materials from 20kg up to 1,500kgs, and specialist bags for site cleanup, concrete washout, and dewatering.

Textiles for use on buildings sites including Scaffold Net, Hessian Cloth, Silt Fence, and Safety Barrier Mesh; and textiles for landscaping and horticulture such as Shade Cloth, Jute Webbing, and Weed Mat. 

Our national team of experienced Account Managers have the product knowledge and industry understanding to help you to choose the best products for your needs – to optimise safety and operations on site, protect your products in transport and storage, and represent your brand to your markets through high impact printing design that will make your product stand out.

Below are the industries we support, and links to the quality products we offer:

Construction & Civil Engineering:

Bags for building materials and site cleanup, and textiles for site operations and safety.

Concrete & Asphalt:

Concrete Washout Bags, Dewatering Bags and Hessian Cloth for curing concrete.

Sand, Soil & Landscaping:

Packaging for sand, soil and other building and landscaping materials from 20kg to 1500kg, and textiles for landscaping and horticulture.

Firewood & Charcoal:

Bulk and retail packing for firewood and charcoal.

Products We Recommend