Hessian, Jute & Calico Bags

Polesy supplies bags made from natural fabrics – Cotton, Hessian and Jute.

Polesy offers a selection of Hessian and Jute bags suitable for a wide range of purposes. Hessian, derived from the Jute plant, is a densely woven natural fabric. Hessian and Jute bags and sacks are renowned for their reusability, durability, and breathability; and as they are compostable, they provide an environmentally conscientious packaging choice.

Ideal for packaging potatoes, onions, vegetables, or other agricultural products, Hessian bags are also highly effective as Sandbags, frequently used during floods to mitigate their impact. Jute Bags, crafted from heavier weight fabric, are designed to handle heavier loads.

Polesy also offers Calico Bags made from 100% Cotton. Traditionally, Polesy has supplied small Calico Bags with drawstrings or side ties for seed and mining samples, and Calico Carry Bags with handles as an environmentally conscientious alternative to plastic shopping bags.  Recently, some customers have started to look at large Calico Bags as an alternative to Poly Woven Bags.