Multiwall Paper Sacks

Polesy supplies a comprehensive range of Multiwall Paper Sacks and specialises in complex sacks with high quality graphics for when product integrity and efficient distribution are critical. Our Paper Sacks are developed by combining high-performance materials and the best manufacturing processes to produce packaging of superior appearance, quality, and performance.

We serve customers in a broad range of industries including cement, chemicals, construction, food ingredients, seed, grain, fertiliser, and other powder & granulated products.

Our Multiwall Paper Sacks are produced from a range of Sack-Kraft Papers including Natural, Extensible, and Semi-Extensible Sack-Kraft Papers, all manufactured from 100% virgin kraft paper fibres, and are available natural or bleached, from 2-ply to 6-ply, for packing 5kg to 50kg, all approved for direct food contact.

The use of high-performance Semi-Extensible and Extensible Sack-Kraft Papers allows for fewer plies of paper whilst maintaining strength, tear-resistance, elasticity, and porosity.  In addition to Sack-Kraft Paper, high density polyethylene or polyethylene coated paper may be used in the inner plies to increase the moisture barrier properties of the sack.

Multi wall paper sacks

Our Multiwall Paper Sacks boast multiple paper layers, delivering unmatched strength, high elasticity, and tear resistance. Crafted for packaging products with stringent durability requirements, these sacks feature resilient outer surfaces ideal for printing instructions and brands.

  • Natural Sack-Kraft Papers
  • Semi-Extensible Sack-Kraft Papers
  • Fully Extensible Sack-Kraft papers
  • All FDA approved for direct food contact

Choose from a diverse range of forms, including Sewn Open Mouth, Pasted End Valve, Open Mouth Pasted End, Pinch Bottom, and more. We offer versatility and robust solutions for your packaging needs.