Packaging Products

Polesy has been supplying packaging to Australian farmers and industry for over 70 years.  Today Polesy stocks comprehensive ranges of packaging and industrial textiles for use across a wide range of industries in our network of warehouses Australia-wide.

Beyond our extensive stock holdings of core lines, Polesy specialises in developing quality fit-for-purpose custom packaging for your individual product requirements, and then works with you to streamline production and inventory management to benefit your business.

Contact us today to discuss how Polesy can improve you business with our product and service offerings tailored to your needs.

Why Trust Polesy?

When Quality Matters, Trust Polesy.

Polesy is an Australian-owned brand specialising in quality fit-for-purpose products and customer-centric service.

We continuously develop our product ranges to better serve the needs of our customers, minimise impacts on the environment and improve our supply chain.

Polesy is known for working with our customers to develop innovative product solutions for everyday problems.  We are large enough to participate in projects of substantial size, yet also care about the individual needs of every customer, no matter the size of their business or the project they wish to undertake.

Polesy has a national network of warehouses and we hold stock of both generic and customer-specific products for rapid turnaround of customer orders.

The Polesy Difference

Polesy is a full-service supplier of Packaging solutions.

Polesy begins each customer relationship by taking the time to understand and appreciate the uniqueness of your business in order to tailor product solutions that enhance your operations and add value to your business.

Once we have an understanding of your needs we recommend product solutions, either using an existing product or developing a custom product with our manufacturing partners to suit your needs.

We then manage the production and ongoing supply of that product to you on a timeline that works for your business.

Our team has many decades of combined experience in product development and a deep understanding of the challenges that need to be met within the industries to which we offer product solutions.

Innovation and Sustainability in Packaging

The packaging of today is not the same as the packaging of yesterday.

We understand this because we have been supplying packaging to Australian businesses for over 70 years.

And we also understand that the pace of change in packaging – and the demands of that packaging – is increasing almost every day.

At Polesy we are always working with our customers and our manufacturing partners to innovate our packaging to meet changing needs and requirements and to bring new and improved product developments to market in Australia.

Visit our Innovations and Sustainability pages for more information on some of the improvements we are bringing to market including Hyperbolic™ FIBCs and Reclaim30™ FIBCs.