Full-Service Supplier

Polesy is a full-service supplier of Packaging and Commercial Textiles.

What is a full-service supplier?

Polesy manages every step of the supply journey for the products it offers:

  • Understanding the requirements for which a product solution is needed
  • Suggesting an existing product or creating a new product for that need
  • Designing the look and functionality of the product, working with the customer and our product development and design teams
  • Assessing the best manufacturing solution to produce the product
  • Managing the transit of the product from the point of manufacture to the Polesy warehouse in which the product will be stocked
  • Liaising with the customer to ensure stock is dispatched in accordance with the agreed supply schedule
  • Receiving feedback as to how the product solution is meeting the customer’s requirements, and updating the supply schedule as changes occur in the customer’s needs
  • Assessing innovations in manufacturing that may be of benefit to the customer so they continue to have the best possible product solution

Product Development

Polesy has many decades of experience in the development of products to meet customer and industry needs.

The breadth of experience of our team means that no matter the requirement we are able to quickly understand what is needed and offer either off-the-shelf or tailored product solutions.

Graphic Design & Printing

Polesy offers a graphic design service for packaging to ensure your products are outstanding representations of your brand while also communicating all the information required by end users.

Polesy offers both local and at point-of-manufacture printing:

  • Locally we offer flexographic printing in multiple locations around Australia to allow for small runs or batch-specific identification
  • At point-of-manufacture we offer flexographic printing and gravure printing on BOPP film in a virtually unlimited array of colours and designs

Inventory Management

Polesy has its own warehouses around Australia with teams dedicated to the efficient management of product inventory.

We have our own fleet for metro deliveries and long-standing relationships with national carriers to ensure the quick dispatch and delivery of customer orders – over 95% of all customer orders of stocked items are dispatched with 2 business days of order receipt.

Our inventory management team works with our sales and customer support teams to ensure the effective management of customer-specific product requirements to minimise lead-times and impacts on customer cashflow and warehouse space.