Commercial Bed Linen

Polesy’s Bed Linen products have been developed over time through a combination of customer consultation and innovations in textile production and processing techniques to create a range of products that are of the highest quality and fit-for-purpose for Australian commercial applications.

VTex™ by Polesy – Performance Bed Linen

Polesy’s White and Coloured Bed Linen is produced using the VTex™ by Polesy process, resulting in products that have superior performance in commercial environments.

The combination of specially selected Australian Cotton and high-quality polyester, Vortex Yarn Spinning, Air Jet Weaving, and multiple process finishing produces bed linen designed to last twice as long as conventional bed linen in commercial laundering.

Australian Cotton

Polesy uses Australian Cotton in all its Commercial Bed Linen.

Vat Dyed and Room Ready by Polesy™

Polesy’s Coloured Bed Linen is Vat Dyed using European Oeko-Tex® certified dyes and finishing agents, meaning no harmful chemicals have been used in the dyeing process, and the bed linen is chlorine and bleach resistant for longevity and durability in commercial accommodation use.

Our Vat Dyed Bed Linen and Printed Quilt Covers are shipped Room Ready by Polesy™ meaning the items have been prewashed at the time of manufacture for use straight from the carton, allowing our customers to forgo the time and expense of local laundering prior to installation.