Agriculture, Animal Nutrition & Health

Polesy has been supporting Australian farmers for over 70 years with quality fit-for-purpose packaging.

When Polesy started, most agricultural and stockfeed packaging was in hessian and jute sacks; a lot has changed and today agricultural and animal nutrition products can be packed in a vast array of packaging – Bulk Bags (FIBCs), Poly Woven Bags, Poly Mesh Bags, Multiwall Paper Sacks and yes, we still supply Hessian and Jute Bags.

Our national team of experienced Account Managers have the product knowledge and industry understanding to help you to choose the best packaging – to optimise your operations, protect your products in transport and storage, and represent your brand to your markets through high impact printing design that will make your product stand out.

Below are the industries we support, and links to the quality products we offer:


Polesy are proud members of the Stock Feed Manufacturers’ Council of Australia.

  • Stockfeed & Supplements
  • Petfood

Seed & Grain:

Polesy are proud members of the Australian Seed Federation.


Packaging for fertiliser from 20kg Bags to 1500kg FIBCs.


Nylon Wool Packs