Hyperbolic™ FIBCs

Storage and transportation of bulk material in traditional FIBCs requires more space due to the bulging of the bag that is inherent to its design.  Baffle Bags have been commonly used to overcome this with internal baffles. These require additional bag fabric, adding weight, and additional stitching adding complexity and more potential points of failure to the production of the bag.

To provide the benefit of a Baffle Bag, without the additional weight and complexity, our manufacturing partners have developed the Hyperbolic weaving technology that counters the outward force of the contained bulk material, resulting in a hyperbolic shape without the use of internal baffles.

Polesy’s Hyperbolic™ FIBCs have better stability, optimise storage and transport space, contain less Polypropylene (PP) and are more cost-effective than comparable FIBCs.

  • Easier to fill and discharge than Baffle Bags
  • No vertical seams reducing potential points of failure
  • 30% greater storage optimisation than traditional FIBCs
  • Less PP per FIBC meaning more sustainable packing

Fusion FIBCs

Fusion FIBCs are the first truly stitchless Bulk Bag.

The absence of stitch holes in any of the filling, discharge and product holding areas of the FIBC means no risk on contamination or leakage of the contained product.

Fusion FIBCs are not only stitchless they also fully coated with a proprietary coating that negates the need for traditional liners as the coated Fusion FIBC protects from moisture and contamination.  Without liners, the Fusion FIBC also fills and discharges faster than an equivalent FIBC with liner.

  • No Stitch holes meaning no risk of contamination
  • No Seams meaning no leaking of contents
  • Fully Coated meaning no need for a liner
  • Certifiable for food & pharmaceutical use

Multi-Format Gravure Printing

These days, Gravure Printed BOPP laminated Woven Polypropylene Bags (BOPP laminated WPP Bags) – bags with photographic quality printing – are as much a marketing tool as they are a way to contain product.

With this in mind, Polesy devotes considerable time and resources to ensuring the print on each BOPP laminated WPP Bag is an impressive representation of the Customer’s business and product offering.

Polesy engages multiple manufacturing partners for its BOPP laminated WPP Bags, each with a different specialisation, to ensure we are always able to offer the best combination of marketing and packaging for each Customer’s needs.

The latest innovation in Gravure printing on BOPP film is the ability to offer multiple formats on a single bag; not just matt or gloss finish but a combination of both on the same bag, not just a metalized finish but a metalized finish with clear product window(s).

In combination with a Pinch Bottom Bag or a Block Bottom Bag with a Valve Top, the finished and packed bag has six distinct sides – a brick shape rather than a pillow – to enhance stability in transport and storage and provide greater opportunities to identify and promote your product.

  • 10-Colour Printing
  • Matt, Gloss, Matt-Gloss Combination, Holographic, Metalized, all with clear product window options
  • Pinch Bottom and Block Bottom with Valve Top Bags create 6-sided filled bags meaning the product details are always readable

In Development:

Digital printing on natural substrates

Polesy is currently evaluating brand new printing technology that will allow for digital photographic quality printing on natural substrates – paper, cotton, and hessian.

The nature of the process under evaluation also negates the need for printing plates and minimum production runs, potentially allowing quick turnaround of small volume orders using this revolutionary printing technology.

If this is of interest to your business, please contact us to discuss your potential requirements.

Commercial Textiles

Room Ready by Polesy™

Polesy produces Room Ready by Polesy™ Bed Linen and Towelling that is prewashed at the time of manufacture to allow its customers to forgo the time and expense of local laundering prior to installation of new linen and towelling.

As Room Ready by Polesy™ items can be used directly from the carton – with no need for prewashing – stock can be held in onsite storage areas ready for use as required, simplifying the ordering process and minimising the footprint of reserve stock while also ensuring the items are ready for use as required.

VTex™ by Polesy

VTex™ by Polesy is the latest innovation in bed linen – air jet woven using Australian Cotton, free from contamination, fibre shedding and pilling, and with a product life of over 250 commercial laundry cycles, items made using VTex™ by Polesy provide customers with double the longevity of conventional commercial bed linen.

There is no single factor that makes VTex™ the best performing commercial sheeting, it is a combination of raw materials, production processes, and finishes that produce a premium product:

  • Single source of Cotton – specific Australian farms producing specific cotton varietals are selected for consistent staple length, strength and whiteness;
  • Vortex Spinning – Australian Cotton and high quality long staple polyester are combined in a Vortex spinning machine to produce a yarn that is virtually without exposed fibre ends meaning the yarn has minimal fibre shedding and high resistance to pilling;
  • Air Jet Weaving – the inherent strength of the Vortex spun yarn allows for high-speed weaving on the latest air jet looms, resulting in a fabric that is more consistent in weave and weight;
  • Finishing – the fabric undergoes numerous finishing processes dependent on the final items being produced, including heat setting, singeing, Sanforisation, calendering, multiple stage bleaching or continuous disperse vat dyeing;

To produce a finished VTex™ product that has a life of more than 250 commercial laundry cycles due to its minimised fibre shedding, high resistance to abrasion, consistent sizing and colour, and quicker drying time at lower temperature.