Hospitality Accommodation

Polesy supplies a full range of Textile, Bedding and Bathroom Accessories for use in Hospitality Accommodation.  Product options are available to cover a wide range of accommodation types, from motorhomes and campervans, through budget accommodation such as caravan parks and backpacker hostels, and boutique properties such as B&Bs, up to hotels, motels, and serviced apartments from three- to five-star.

Polesy’s Bed Linen includes White Plain Weave, Percale and Satin Stripe Sheeting, Vat Dyed Coloured Sheeting and Printed Quilt Covers; all produced using the VTex™ by Polesy process, the latest innovation in bed linen – air jet woven using Australian Cotton, free from contamination, fibre shedding and pilling, and with a product life of over 250 commercial laundry cycles, products made using VTex™ by Polesy provide double the longevity of conventional commercial bed linen.

Polesy’s Bedding options include everything required above the mattress – Mattress Toppers, Mattress Protectors, Pillows, Pillow Protectors, Quilts, Quilt Protectors, Blankets, Bedspreads and Comforters – all produced for continuous use in high turnover properties and for commercial laundering.

Polesy’s Towelling is available in three grades – Essential, Executive, and Elite – with the Essential and Executive ranges being available in Vat Dyed Colours as well as White, each grade designed to suit a different segment of the Hospitality Accommodation market.  All Polesy’s Towelling is 100% Cotton and air jet woven to produce consistent and durable products that will perform beyond expectation.

Polesy’s Coloured Sheeting, Printed Quilt Covers, Comforters and Coloured Towelling is shipped Room Ready by Polesy™ meaning the items have been prewashed at the time of manufacture for use straight from the carton, allowing our customers to forgo the time and expense of local laundering prior to installation.

Polesy’s Bathroom Accessories include Shower Curtains, Bins and Brushes that are necessary for completing any accommodation bathroom.

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