Essential Printed Quilt Covers

Polesy’s Essential Printed Quilt Covers are made from 115gsm plain weave polyester/cotton fabric produced in the same facility as Polesy’s VTex™ Vat Dyed Bed Linen, using many of the same processes including Vortex yarn spinning, air jet weaving, heat setting and singeing.

The rotary printing process for Polesy’s Printed Quilt Covers uses high quality European Oeko-Tex® certified chlorine-fast pigment dyes and finishing agents to produce prints that are engineered to withstand the rigours of everyday use in high turnover accommodation and commercial laundering.

This popular product range is designed for use in institutional, remote site facilities, student, and hospitality accommodation.

Each Printed Quilt Cover features pull through openings near the top of each side and an opening at the centre of the base to allow for quick and easy insertion of the Quilt, and an internal envelope to hold the Quilt securely in place during use.

Available in a range of designs and colourways – all produced to coordinate with Polesy’s Vat Dyed Bed Linen and Towelling ranges – Polesy’s Essential Printed Quilt Covers add the finishing touch to a bedroom.

Karangal Sapphire

Karangal Gold

Squircle Silver

Squircle Gold

Check Winter

Check Summer

Single140cm (W) x 210cm (L) + 30cm (E)
King Single160cm (W) x 210cm (L) + 30cm (E)
Double180cm (W) x 210cm (L) + 30cm (E)
Queen210cm (W) x 210cm (L) + 30cm (E)
  • Machine Wash in hot water (up to 60°C).
  • Tumble Dry on medium heat (up to 80°C).
  • Polyester/Cotton – Warm Iron (up to 150°C).
  • Only use diluted oxygen / non-chlorine bleaching agents when required.
  • Do not dry clean.

Room Ready by Polesy™

All Polesy’s Printed Quilt Covers are shipped Room Ready.

Room Ready by Polesy™ Printed Quilt Covers are prewashed at the time of manufacture and packed in a cleanroom environment to allow Polesy’s customers to forgo the time and expense of local laundering prior to installation of new bed linen.

As Room Ready by Polesy™ Printed Quilt Covers can be used directly from the carton – with no need for prewashing – stock can be held in onsite storage areas ready for use as required, simplifying the ordering process, and minimising the footprint of reserve stock while also ensuring the items are ready for use as required.