Silt Fence

Silt Fencing is generally used as a non-permanent sediment control device on construction sites to prevent run-off into water courses, storm water, public access or other areas that may suffer from sediment damage. Silt fencing is widely used due to its low cost, simple design and effectiveness if installed and maintained correctly. Silt Fence is generally made from woven polypropylene (WPP) material that acts as a filtering fabric to retain sediment as this washes across exposed soil whilst still allowing water to drain through.

Polesy’s Silt Fence is manufactured from high-quality UV stabilised woven polypropylene (WPP) material that meets Australian Standards with woven selvedges to prevent fraying and a 2-year life expectancy. Different widths and roll lengths are available, and Silt Fence can be secured with either hardwood stakes or steel fence posts.

Silt Fence80gsm77cm x 50mGreen/Black WeaveRoll
Silt Fence80gsm77cm x 100mGreen/Black WeaveRoll
Silt Fence80gsm87cm x 50mGreen/Black WeaveRoll
Silt Fence80gsm87cm x 100mGreen/Black WeaveRoll

Silt Bags

Polesy’s Silt Bags are made from the same high-quality UV stabilised woven polypropylene (WPP) material used for our Silt Fence and are used in a similar manner to Silt Fence. The Silt Bags are filled and placed in gutters and around drains to prevent sediment entering storm water systems.

Our Silt Bags have a side cut for ease of filling and an attached tie for ease of closing and are designed to be filled on-site.

Silt Bag80gsm25cm x 80cmGreen/Black WeaveBale of 500 Bags
Silt Sock90gsm25cm x 50mGreen/Black WeaveRoll