Poly Woven Bags

Woven Polypropylene (WPP) Bags, commonly referred to as Poly Woven Bags, are high strength, inherently tear resistant and durable, representing great value for money.  Polesy stocks numerous sizes and configurations suitable for a wide range of uses in standard white and other colours.

We offer design and printing services with either Flexographic Printing in up to 4 colours or BOPP Laminated Printing in up to 8 colours (please see our BOPP Laminated Bags for more information). This gives you the ability to customise your packaging, promoting your brand and distinguishing your product lines so you can enhance the market presentation of your goods.

There are several style variations within Poly Woven Bags, the most common being Flat Form (pillow shaped), Tucked Bottom, and Side Gusseted (brick shaped) Bags. The most prevalent opening is a full width hemmed top, eliminating fraying and providing reinforcement for bag closing, with a single fold and chain-stitched bottom seam.  Hemmed tops can be stitched, ultrasonically sealed, heat cut or cold cut (if the bag is laminated); bottom seams can also be double folded and /or twice-sewn (double stitched). Polyethylene Liners can either be sewn into the top hem or loose (placed within the bag).

Poly Woven Bags can be laminated (with a polypropylene coating, inside or outside) providing an added barrier to moisture and product leakage while allowing for the use of Ezy Open and Reclosure options.

Polesy’s experienced team are available to guide you through the selection process to ensure your specific requirements are met.

Blue Bag

Clear Bag

Clear Gusset Bag

Green Gusset Bag

Red Gusset Bag

Yellow Gusset Bag

Printed Bag

Printed Bag

ConstructionCircular woven polypropylene fabric (No seams)
Standard ColoursWhite, Clear, Blue
Gusset ColoursWhite, Clear, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
FinishesHemmed Bottom, Hemmed Top, Sonic Sealed Top, Heat Cut Top, Cold Cut Top (Laminated Bags only)
PackingBales of 500 or 1,000 Bags, Cartons from 1,000 to 5,000 Bags
Optional FeaturesFlexographic Printing (up to 4 colours)
Anti-Slip Coating
Drawstring Closure
Ezy Open or Reclosure
Lamination (inside or outside)
Polyethylene Liner (attached or loose)
Tag (sewn into hem, for barcode or batch identification)
Twist Weave (for a rough surface)
Ventilation Holes

These are our most popular sizes; we have over 100 core stock lines and can supply almost any size and configuration to suit your needs.

Flat Poly Woven Bags   Gusseted Poly Woven Bags
635x380mm (25×15”) 760×380+125mm (30×15+5”)
760x455mm (30×18”) 915×405+100mm (36×16+4”)
940x585mm (37×23”) 965×430+150mm (38×17+6”)
1040x610mm (41×24”)1065×455+150mm (42×18+6”)
1220x710mm (48×28”)1120×380+380mm (44×15+15”)
1220x760mm (48×30”)1220×380+380mm (48×15+15”)