Pallet Covers

Polesy supplies waterproof Pallet Covers to secure and protect your palletised goods in storage and during transport.

Available in various heights and thicknesses to provide appropriate solutions for your specific needs.

Clear Pallet Covers so your goods can be seen, and any product details can be read, or Black Pallet Covers to protect from sunlight and keep the details of your goods private.

DimensionsThicknessNet WeightColourPacking
122x122x120cm35um18.86kgClear100 Bags per Roll
122x122x185cm60um19.93kgBlack40 Bags per Roll
122x122x185cm100um20.76kgClear25 Bags per Roll
122x122x260cm (60cm Gussets)100um29.18kgClear25 Bags per Roll