Nylon Wool Packs

Polesy’s Nylon Wool Packs adhere to the Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX) Pack Standard No.3, which outlines the requirements and test methods for Woven Wool Packs made from Multifilament Nylon Yarns (Published in Revision July 2014). This stringent Standard ensures that all Wool Packs undergo sampling, testing, and certification of compliance. 

By complying with this Standard, we guarantee that our Wool Packs are constructed with the highest quality materials, minimizing contamination during storage and transport, and providing you with peace of mind regarding the safety and integrity of your wool. 

All Nylon Wool Packs are now considered eBales, as they ship with eBale labels that contain RFID chips and feature unique QR code identifiers, designed to be read by AWEX’s WoolClip, an electronic wool classing and data application. 

98x70x70cm with 4 x 46cm Flaps50 Packs per BaleeBale Labels (RFID/QR Code)