Open Mouth Paper Sacks

Polesy offers Open Mouth (OM) Paper Sacks with either pasted rectangular bases, referred to as Block Bottoms (BB) or traditional sewn bases, referred to as Sewn Bottoms (SB) for a wide variety of uses in retail packaging and industrial products. 

Paper Sack design depends on the product to be packed (powder, granules, pellets, semi-viscous) and the degree of protection required to safeguard its integrity and quality, incorporating an array of compositions such as selective papers, films, foils, coatings, laminations and surfaces as suitable encapsulating barriers.

Open Mouth, Block Bottom (OM-BB) = Open Mouth with rectangular Block Bottom pasted base.

Open Mouth, Sewn Bottom (OM-SB) = Open Mouth with Sewn Base, available with or without gussets.

‘Ezy-Open’ Rip Tape Tear Feature available on Open Mouth, Sewn Bottom Paper Sacks.

TypeColourSizeMinimum Order Quantity
Open Mouth Block Bottom SacksNatural580×405+100mm1000 Sacks
Open Mouth Block Bottom SacksBleached650×400+100mm1000 Sacks
Open Mouth Block Bottom + Liner, Food Grade SacksBleached650×400+100mm1000 Sacks
Open Mouth Block Bottom SacksNatural780×500+150mm1000 Sacks
Open Mouth Block Bottom + Liner, Food Grade SacksNatural780×500+150mm1000 Sacks

We have a design team to assist with your custom printing, delivering high quality graphics & presentation with: 

 Central Impression (CI) 8+1 Flexographic Printing with capabilities of: 

  • 8 colours (inks) plus 1 lacquering (including UV varnish) 
  • CMYK Process (photographic) printing and trichomic printing 
  • Over-varnish in outer & inner ply 

Printing on: 

  • Natural (Brown) Sack-Kraft Paper 
  • Bleached (White) Sack-Kraft Paper 
  • Glazed Sack-Kraft Paper 
  • Coated Sack-Kraft Paper with Matt or Gloss finish