Laminated Scaffold Sheeting

Laminated Scaffold Sheeting is mainly used as containment sheeting in the building and construction industry, offering comprehensive weather protection and coverage. Primarily used for short to medium-term projects, it effectively encloses areas for sand and water blasting, as well as dust control.

Constructed from laminated UV treated low-density polyethylene, the Sheeting features three reinforced bands at the top, middle, and bottom, along with punched holes to aid in securing it to structures, scaffolding, or rigging.  We recommend fixing it at least once every square metre. In cases of excessive winds or greater loading, additional fixings may be required.

Please note: Consider prevailing weather conditions before installation. Polesy assumes no responsibility for the installation of this product. Installation and on-site handling are the responsibility of the owner / installer.

WeightRoll SizeColours
250gsm2.00x45mNatural (White weave inside clear lamination)