Hyperbolic™ FIBCs

Storage and transportation of bulk material in traditional FIBCs requires more space due to the bulging of the bag that is inherent to its design.  Baffle Bags have been commonly used to overcome this with internal baffles. These require additional bag fabric, adding weight, and additional stitching adding complexity and more potential points of failure to the production of the bag. 

To provide the benefit of a Baffle Bag, without the additional weight and complexity, our manufacturing partners have developed Hyperbolic weaving technology that counters the outward force of the contained bulk material, resulting in a hyperbolic shape without the use of internal baffles. 

Polesy’s Hyperbolic™ FIBCs have better stability, optimise storage and transport space, contain less Polypropylene (PP) and are more cost-effective than comparable FIBCs. 

  • Easier to fill and discharge than Baffle Bags 
  • No vertical seams reducing potential points of failure 
  • 30% greater storage optimisation than traditional FIBCs 
  • Less PP per FIBC meaning more sustainable packing