AD*Star Sacks

One of the newest innovations in packaging, the AD*Star Sack is a patented single-layer block bottom sack, made without adhesives from coated woven polypropylene (WPP) fabric. It has superior resistance to breakage to comparable products, and is versatile, environmentally friendly, and economical.

Free flowing products such as cement, chemicals, industrial powders, resins, fertiliser and food ingredients are especially suited to packing in AD*Star Sacks.

The AD*Star Sack can be produced either as a single-layer block bottom valve bag (V-BB) or as an open mouth block bottom bag (OM-BB), with optional micro-perforations.

AD*Star Sacks can be made in various colours with Flexographic printing (up to 6 colours) or BOPP lamination with high-quality photographic printing in a matt or gloss finish.

Polesy’s AD*Star Sacks are UV stabilised to improve the lifecycle and performance of the sacks when exposed to direct sunlight.

Advantages of AD*Star Sacks
  • High Strength and Tear Resistance
  • Able to withstand rough handling and drops
  • Water Resistant
  • Variable Air Permeability
  • Recyclable
  • Well suited for pallet stacking as the filled sack is brick-shaped
  • Excellent Clarity of Print (BOPP Laminated)
Sack WidthSack LengthBlock Width
350 – 600mm450 – 910mm80 – 180mm