Polywoven (Woven Polypropylene) Bags

Woven polypropylene (WPP) bags are high strength, inherently tear resistant and durable; representing great value for money.  WPP Bags are suitable for a wide range of uses with numerous sizes and shapes available from our stock and can be supplied in colours other than the standard white.

Polesy offers customised design and printing services with either Photographic quality or Flexographic printing of up to 4 colours. This gives you the ability to customize your brand and distinguish your product lines so that you can enhance the market presentation of your products.

There are several variations with WPP Bags, however these are generally available in Flat-Form (pillow shape), Tucked Bottom, or Gusseted (brick-shape) Bags. They can be open mouth hemmed top (eliminating fraying & providing reinforcement for bag closing) with a single fold & chain-stitched bottom seam, or alternatively with heat cut tops, double folding and /or twice-sewn bottoms.

WPP bags can be laminated (polypropylene coating, inside or outside) giving an added barrier to moisture and product leakage while allowing for the Easy-Open and Re-Closure options. Bags can also be UV stabilised for a longer lifespan when exposed to sunlight. (please note that UV stabilisation improves the lifecycle and performance of the bag when exposed to direct sunlight, however it does not make the bag sun-proof for an indefinite amount of time).

Polesy's experienced staff can help guide you through the selection process to ensure your specific requirements are met with these and other options.

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Construction - Circular WPP fabric (no seams)
Colours - White, Clear, Beige, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
Gusset Colours - White, Clear, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
UV Stabilisation - Available
Packing - From 500 to 1,000 Bags per Bale
Standard Features - Hemmed Bottom, Hemmed Top

Optional Features (Minimum Order Quantities and Lead Times May Apply) -

Printing Anti-Slip Coating Easy-Open Top
Lamination Tie String Heat Cut Top
Polyethylene Liner Handle(s) Side Cut (Wide Mouth)
Ventilation Holes Tag (Barcode/Batch No.) False Bottom Gusset