Optional Extras

Anti-Slip Lacquer or Glue can be applied as an over-varnish on 1 or 2 sides, improving the friction co-efficiency of the bag.

Anti-Skid During weaving polypropylene tape is recurrently twisted or crushed to give a rough surface to the bag.

Barcode Tags Laser printed labels containing scannable Barcode (or other information as required) sewn into top or bottom hem.

BOPP Film Gloss Finish; Matt Finish; Metalized BOPP (Silver-Foil) Finish; Pearlised BOPP (Satin) Finish.  Metalized BOPP film (foil) has exceptional capacity to resist moisture, maintaining low humidity within, providing excellent protection against moisture & oxygen transmission, physical damage, odour transfer, UV radiation and chemical break-down.

Gravure-Printing A very high quality industrial printing process, with the ability to print high quality graphics (including photographic reproduction) on thin films & paper. Provides consistent high quality graphics (including photographic), bright colours, best possible appearance & highest perceived value for the product.

Product View Transparent panels or windows can be added to the construction of the bag, including clear gussets, longitudinal bands (stripes) or shaped windows.

Easy Open Rip (Pull) Strip; with or without Cover Tape.

Gussets Gusseted bags provide an additional side panel which can be printed, manufactured clear or with a product view panel to allow for easy product identification. Gusseted bags are also squarer in shape when filled, allowing for more stable stacking for storage and transport.

Handles Whether manufactured from WPP or rigid plastic, handles can be added to a bag to allow for ease of carrying. Particularly for bags sold through to retail, the handle is generally fixed into the seamed end of the bag during manufacture.

Ventilation Holes Ventilation holes can be added to a bag during manufacture to allow for air circulation through the contents or to prevent moisture build up in the contents of the bag. The size, number and location of ventilation holes will depend on the product that the bag is manufactured to contain.

Wicket Holes Large holes punched through the open end of the bag during manufacture to assist automatic handling and filling of the bags.

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