Polymesh Bags

Polesy offers a wide range of plain & printed leno-weave Polymesh Bags commonly used for all varieties of agricultural commodities & produce, from onions & potatoes to oranges & cabbages and even for shellfish, firewood or as pre-pack baler bags.

Made from Polypropylene, these leno-weave Polymesh Bags can be manufactured with or without drawstrings, plain or printed. Polymesh Bags are lightweight, strong and durable, designed to protect their contents and withstand the rigours of shipping while providing visibility of the packaged product. Crucial for long-term storage, Polymesh Bags allow ample air circulation for the products contained within to breathe.

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Standard Mesh Colours:

  • Red, Orange, Purple, White

Mesh Types:

  • Australian Mesh 5 x 6
  • Premium Mesh 9 x 4

Print Labels:

  • On White Band
  • On Metallized BOPP (silver & gold) Bands


  • Heavy Duty Woven Polypropylene Tape

Machine-sewn tops

Wicket hole tops:

  • For automated packing


  • Chain-stitched with coloured thread

Stock line:

  • Standard plain 10kg, 20kg and 25kg Onion Bags, printed generic Onion brand 20kg