Multiwall Paper Sacks

Polesy is committed to supplying a comprehensive range of top quality Multiwall Paper Sacks, specialising in complex multi-ply Paper Sacks with high quality graphics, where product integrity & efficient distribution are critical. These are developed by combining high performance materials & the best sack manufacturing processes available in order to produce superior appearance, presentation, quality & performance of Paper Sack packaging that is specific for the end-use application of your requirements.

Polesy ensures the delivery of quality customer-specific Multiwall Paper Sacks through its manufacturing partner that is accredited to ISO9001 Quality, ISO14001 Environment & ISO22000 Food Safety Management Systems. We can serve our customers in a broad range of industries, such as construction, cement, building, food, chemicals, seed and other powder & granulated production by providing first-rate Multiwall Paper Sacks.

Polesy has sales offices in every State nationally, with efficient warehousing and freight distribution to help you optimise your packaging efficiencies throughout your supply chain.

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Fully-Tailored Packaging Solutions

Polesy and its partners employ state of the art machinery, conversion equipment, technology and facilities to manufacture a complete range of Multiwall Paper Sacks to suit specific customer requirements for the transport & storage of products such as cement, grains, animal food, fertilizers, flours, chemicals and sugar in the food, agricultural, building & construction segments.

Manufactured with natural or bleached Sack-Kraft Papers from 2 ply to 6 ply, for 5kgs to 50kgs, made with 100% virgin kraft paper fibres for:

  • Natural Sack-Kraft Papers
  • Semi-Extensible Sack-Kraft Papers
  • Fully Extensible Sack-Kraft Papers
  • All FDA approved for direct food contact

We use environmentally friendly, natural, biodegradable & recyclable paper products. These Extensible Papers are high performance papers, that allow down-gauging without compromising the Paper Sack strength or integrity. This is due to the paper's high quality resistance with elasticity & porosity to protect the product & meet your packaging demands.

We have a full pre-press division to assist your custom print options for delivering ‘high end’ graphics & presentation with:
- CI 8+1 flexographic printer with print capabilities of:

  • 8 colours (inks) plus 1 lacquering (including UV varnish)
  • CMYK Process (photographic) printing and trichomic printing
  • Over-varnish in outer & inner ply

Printed on:

  • Natural (Brown) Sack-Kraft Paper
  • Bleached (White) Sack-Kraft Paper
  • Glazed Sack-Kraft Paper
  • Coated Sack-Kraft Paper with Matt or Gloss finish

In addition to kraft paper, high density polyethylene (HDPE) or polyethylene (PE) coated paper may be used in the inner plies for increasing the moisture barrier properties & protecting the product.


Polesy's Integrated Management System conforms to:

  • ISO9001 Quality
  • AS4801 Workplace Health & Safety
  • ISO14001 Environment

Our partner Paper Sack plant's Integrated Management Systems conforms to:

  • ISO9001 Quality
  • ISO22000 Food Safety
  • ISO14001 Environment

This ensures we provide the highest quality multiwall Paper Sacks possible to meet the high expectations of our customers.

Food-Grade Standard

Our manufacturing partner is accredited to ISO22000 for Food Safety Management Systems, which includes Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliance.  We specify the use of FDA and EU approved raw materials for direct food contacts in manufacturing and as a result this allows us to strictly observe food hygiene regulations and to continue to advance in this area.

Manufacturing Facility

For manufacturing food grade packaging, hygiene & food-safety requirements are critical, and are supported by the production of all Multiwall Paper Sacks to ‘food-grade’ standards in an accredited food-grade facility, and only on the food-sack production line that is specifically allocated for Paper Sacks for food and food-related industry sectors.

This food-grade, specific sack-making line is deliberately separated from all other production lines, with special partitions providing hygienic conditions & establishing a total food-grade facility, which includes:

  • ISO22000 Food Safety Management Systems accreditation & certification
  • Floor covered with epoxy resin
  • Glass-free lighting & windows
  • Hygienic & healthy sack production conditions; including protective clothing & hair-nets; food-safe auxiliary equipment (oils, belts)
  • 20,000 cubic metres per hour of filtered air
  • Pest Control Systems
  • All sack materials (paper, polyethylene) comply to direct contact to food-stuffs standards
  • Water-based Inks & Starch-based Adhesives