Flexible Pre-Formed Bags & Pouches

Polesy offers a comprehensive range of pre-made bags, sacks and pouches that can hold a variety of products for different markets and industries to meet your requirements and that are specific for the end-use application.

By developing specialized films, utilising either the elementary mono-layer extrusion process or the more sophisticated multi-layer co-extrusion process and incorporating the blending of a wide variety of resins, such as Low Density (LD), Linear Low Density (LLD) and High Density (HD) Polyethylene, and high performance Metallocene grade resins, the end result is a purpose-designed film construction that when coupled with the latest high-speed converting technology produces packaging that is particular to that package's individual requirement and application.

These films can be further enhanced by incorporating them with Polypropylene (BOPP or metalized BOPP), Polyester (PET or metalized PET), Foils (ALU), Polyamides (BOPA) and Nylon (BON), or any number of combinations of these individual films laminated with solvent or solvent-less adhesives. This tailored range of laminated films also offers high reliability sealing and excellent barrier properties, maintaining the quality and the integrity of the product, plus a superior clarity further enriching print and brand presentation, which can be converted into a wide array of pre-formed bags, sacks and pouches.

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Pre-Formed Bag & Pouch Fabrication

  • Tubular or Back-Seam Bags
  • Flat or Gusset Bags
  • Quattro Bags
  • Pre-Formed Pouches
  • Stand-Up Pouches
  • 3 Side Sealed Bags
  • Heavy Duty Industrial & Agricultural Bags

Mono & Multi Layered, Custom-Made

  • Plain or Printed

Perforation Processes

  • Micro-Perforation
  • Macro-Perforation

Optional Extras & Accessories

  • Zipper
  • Press-Seal
  • Die-Cut Handles
  • Vent Holes
  • Perforations
  • Releasable Tapes