Hessian & Jute Cloths & Webbings

Polesy stocks an assortment of Hessian and Jute cloth and webbing for a range of industrial and commercial applications. An ideal material for numerous uses, Hessian is a densely woven, plain weave cloth with a single warp and weft. The difference between Hessian and Jute is in the quality of the cloth, being primarily one of fineness; with Hessian being made of finer grade Jute, and Jute, of coarser grade. Hessian is an exceptionally breathable product that resists condensation, and is durable enough to withstand rough handling.

These properties make Hessian and Jute cloth ideal for use in temporary wet protection, as wet curing covering in the concrete industry, construction screening, stabilisation, the horticulture industry for erosion and wrapping of plant material. They are also used for commodities packaging or wrapping materials for agricultural products as well as in the upholstery and canvas industries.

We can offer our customers a variety of weights and colours for the cloth and types and sizes in the webbing to suit customer requirements.