Essential Blankets

Cotton Cellular Blankets

Polesy Commercial 100% cotton cellular blankets are ideal for all seasons. The leno weave allows the body to breathe, yet beautifully maintains warmth when required. They are designed for commercial laundering; the cotton used in the production of the blankets is pre-shrunk to prevent further shrinkage even with repeated washing. These are available in single size only in White or Navy Blue (the Navy Blue being vat dyed for chlorine and bleach resistance).

Key features:

  • 100% cotton
  • Pre-shrunk
  • Navy Blue blankets are vat dyed to ensure colourfastness

Velourlux Blankets

Polesy Commercial Velourlux blankets are lightweight, warm and extremely durable. These blankets are specifically designed for use in all hospitality environments from hostels to five star resorts. They are colourfast and come in four fashionable colours: Denim, Latte, Camel and Ivory.

Key features:

  • Lightweight yet warm
  • Colourfast
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Cellular Blankets
Colours: White, Navy Blue

Velourlux Blankets
Colours: Denim, Ivory, Camel, Latte

Product Type Dimensions
Cellular Single 180 x 230cm
Velourlux Single 180 x 240cm
Velourlux King Single 200 x 240cm
Velourlux Double 230 x 240cm
Velourlux Queen 255 x 240cm
Velourlux King 275 x 240cm